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Meet The Team

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INFINITI JONES and Eon JRED began making music together in 2008. In 2010 they formed the band The Mysteries Gone, and spent 1 month in Costa Rica writing the songs for their debut album 11. On 3/11/11 while in Tokyo they experienced the largest earthquake in Japanese history. This experience changed their lives forever and upon returning to NYC they knew life would never be the same. Lost and broken they decided to leave NYC and move to Vegas for rest and reflection. They released the album "11" in June of 2012 with the help of Producer Ken Osborne ( The All Togethers). Known for their harmonies and eclectic musical style, they became a quick favorite among the indie scene of Las Vegas.


While in Las Vegas they welcomed their baby girl Scottie and started attending The Center for Spiritual Living and were introduced to the teachings of many spiritual guides (Louise Hay, Florence Scovel Shinn, Abraham Hicks, etc) and decided to consciously create music with the intention to guide, heal and spread love. They knew there was a need for music that affirms peace, love and Absoulute joy. They decided to take the time to expand and love self individually and be there as support for each other. Out of that time of vulnerability they learned to tap into the whole of who they are and create art within that space. They were on a new journey to find purpose and self love and out of that came the release of their second album "Absolute" in 2014.

As they dove deeper in to Law of Attraction and conscious creating they released " Rebirth" in 2018. And their newest EP " Into the Future" is fun and upbeat with the continued message of love and positive vibes was released 8/20/20. The Mysteries Gone's mission is to encourage the listener with their music to tap into the whole of who they are and create art within that space. They have started a Love movement and everyone is welcome.

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